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Aries™ II

350+ mile LFP for cars and light trucks.

Aries II lithium iron phosphate battery pack


100+ kWh
Peak Power
600 kW
350+ Miles
100+ kWh
263 Wh/L
162 Wh/kg
Cont. Power
180 kW
3,000 Cycles
Aries II lithium iron phosphate battery pack with lid off
Aries II with lid off.

Customizable for all passenger

The Aries II pack delivers all the range and power of nickel-cobalt based batteries but with a far safer and more sustainable all-LFP chemistry — no nickel and no cobalt. It features an innovative modular design that adds required side-impact resistance while simplifying maintenance. Aries II can be easily customized to fit within any passenger vehicle platform.

Aries II

Product video of Aries II lithium iron phosphate battery

Industry-leading energy

With the highest energy density per cell of any LFP battery on the market —  441 watt-hours per liter — Aries II is ready to electrify SUVs, sedans and light trucks today with a 100-kWh battery and the flexibility to power any passenger vehicle platform. 





Aries II

We use raw materials that are abundant in North America for a more sustainable supply chain.


Pictured: iron ore.

Iron ore

We made our cells thinner to reduce heat, and our new iron-based LFP chemistry increases our volumetric energy density by 16%.

Produced at scale in Michigan, USA.

Opening in 2024, ONE Circle is capable of manufacturing enough cells to produce 240,000 Aries II and Gemini packs annually.

We’re already taking orders.

Let’s talk about creating a customized Aries II battery pack for your passenger vehicles.