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More energy, less space.

ONE battery with cover off exposing inside components

We look at both the battery’s chemistry and structure to get more energy into the pack. 


Aries™ LFP, Aries™ II and Gemini™ all use safe, sustainable LFP. Gemini’s dual-chemistry also relies on ONE’s anode-free chemistry. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is created from lower-cost, abundant iron. It is remarkably safe but less energy dense. That’s where ONE’s innovative system design thinking comes in. 

System Design

There is only so much space in a battery. Contemporary packs devote much of that space to fire mitigation. Because LFP is so safe, we can allot more space for energy, packing in more cells to  match or even exceed the range of nickel-cobalt-based storage systems. And our anode-free chemistry requires no graphite, freeing up more space for active material.