The future of energy storage.​

Our Next Energy is paving the way for an electric future, innovating energy storage solutions that will rapidly expand the world’s ability to access sustainable power.

Our Next Energy, Inc. was founded in July 2020 by pioneers of the energy storage industry. Our collective experience uniquely positions us to accelerate the pace of electrification.

ONE Vision

Introducing Gemini 001

We have demonstrated Gemini 001 in an electric vehicle that achieved 752 miles without recharging, signaling a paradigm shift that an electric vehicle can now store enough energy to satisfy the range needs of all consumers. The experimental battery contains 203.7 KWh and an energy density of 416 Wh/L.


Introducing AriesTM

The Aries™ battery system yields higher system-level energy density than leading competitors. Aries™ uses safe and sustainable cathode chemistry (LFP) to avoid thermal runaway and offers a scalable architecture that can be configured in series and parallel.

752 miles on a single charge.

What if we could accelerate the pace of electrification?

Our world is ready for cleaner-energy, and we are here to help meet the demands of consumers so that the electric vehicle can become the only vehicle they need.

What if we could double the range of electric vehicles?

Electrified trucks and SUVs do not satisfy the market’s range expectations. OEMs need a battery that doubles today’s energy density to reach most buyers. 17% of all miles are accrued on trips longer than 100 miles.1 85% of all vehicles are taken on at least one annual tour longer than 300 miles.2
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Are you passionate about accelerating the pace of electrification? We are looking for talented individuals to join our team.


Mujeeb Ijaz

Founder and CEO

Mujeeb Ijaz, founder and chief executive officer of ONE, is a battery systems engineer with over 30 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles and battery systems technologies. His career work has focused on furthering the adoption of electric vehicles through advancements in battery safety, range, and cost.

Mujeeb led teams at Ford Motor Co., where he developed Ford’s Edge with HySeries Drive, the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 that set a land speed record at Bonneville in 2007, and the Chrysler ENVI project. He was president of A123’s Venture Technologies unit, where he and his team led the development of Li-Ion battery solutions for electric vehicles, and more recently, a senior director at Apple, where he developed novel energy storage solutions. Mujeeb holds 31 U.S. patents in the field of battery technology and energy management systems. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech.