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ONE.AI’s conversational AI technology delivers human-like conversation capabilities via intelligent agents that foster productive conversation with your potential and existing customers.

ONE.AI conversational agents require minimum human intervention and work on autopilot.

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Works via instant messengers and on your website

ONE.AI conversational agents can interact with your potential and existing customers via channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype or your website. More channels are on the way.

Truly cloud-based

With ONE.AI, you do not have to worry about upgrades or time-consuming software downloads and installations. No additional servers, hosting, or administration is necessary. Get going in less than 10 minutes and save on hardware and maintenance costs.

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Easily Trainable

Training ONE.AI chatbots is quite simple. You only need to provide content about your business in plain English. Training is done through the ONE.Ai web-based console. The following can be used for training purposes:

  • pre-existing emails
  • sales people handbooks
  • product manuals
  • FAQs

  • pre-existing chat logs
  • marketing material
  • website content
  • expert insights

See How it Works

Use cases

ONE.AI chatbots are ideal for the following use cases:


ONE.AI conversational agents can handle pre-sales chats with your potential customers.

Customer Care

ONE.AI conversational agents can be used for online customer support.


ONE.AI conversational agents can help your customers interact with your core business processes.

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