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Aries™ Grid

Durable, American-built LFP.

Aries Grid


3.5 MWh
Peak Power, 10 sec (MW)
Up to 1.65
Container Size
20 ft.
<60,000 kg
Cont. power
Up to 1.65
Min. Discharge
4 hrs.
810- 1,044- 1,167
Round trip Efficiency
>88 %
Cycle Life
7300 cycles

LFP-based Aries Grid is capable of powering factories, data centers, communities — even stabilizing the power grid —  with 100% renewable energy.

Introducing Aries Grid

Video of Aries Grid energy storage that can power factories, data centers and communities and also stabilize the power grid

Aries Grid provides a fleet charging solution overcoming grid infrastructure power constraints:

  • Eliminate lead times to upgrading power service capabilities

  • Increase charging capacity both in units and power

  • Participate in grid response programs for additional revenue opportunities while supporting grid stabilization

  • Each Aries Grid DC Fast Charge container can support up to 20 buses, charging at 20-30kW each

Twice as durable as NCM.

Aries Grid is almost twice as durable as competing energy storage systems made with nickel-cobalt-manganese chemistry — and significantly lower in cost. That’s because Aries Grid uses LFP chemistry based on safe, abundant iron. Aries Grid means extremely durable, 100% renewable, 24/7 energy storage is now possible nearly everywhere.

Aries Grid
Aries Grid

When durable becomes affordable, so much more becomes possible.

By offering more durability at a lower cost, Aries Grid changes the equation — offering a world of possibilities.

More cost effective too.

Aries Grid uses our Aries LFP battery technology, which is already in-market. Costs are cut even further by federal tax incentives.

Aries LFP is produced in Michigan for ONE by Piston Automotive on a dedicated product line.

Curtailing curtailment issues.

Without an energy storage solution like Aries Grid, energy must be consumed as soon as it is produced — like a food that expires quickly. In the case of solar, for example, the energy that cannot be consumed the second it is produced is discharged — thrown away — when it could have been offsetting C02. Aries Grid lets customers store more renewable energy for later use, reducing the need to curtail the capture of renewable energy.

Graph showing how Aries grid stores renewable solar energy for later use

Time travel for green energy.

Aries Grid means you can now use 10:00 AM sunshine power in the middle of the night. Every Aries Grid container holds 78 durable, cost-effective, tried-and-true Aries LFP EV packs — enough energy storage to power 78 class 5 trucks. The bottom line is Aries Grid lets you use far more renewable energy than you could before — whenever you want to use it.

Distribute and decentralize.

Because Aries Grid supplies uninterruptible power, microgrids can now be decentralized and distributed. And with lower cost, you can create more islanded microgrids in more places than was ever possible before.

Dark blue map showing microgrids represented by a bright white dot surrounding by a blue ring

Renewable energy anytime, anywhere.

Aries Grid can help provide 100% renewable energy 100% of the time — everywhere in America and around the world.

Made with safe and sustainable LFP.

Aries Grid uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry (LFP) sourced from stable and locally abundant iron instead of rare nickel and cobalt. LFP enables more competitive pricing, safer energy storage and a sustainable supply chain.


Pictured: iron ore.

Iron ore used in lithium iron phosphate batteries

An Aries Grid solution for every use case.

Aries Grid creates value different ways depending on the project. Heavy industry may benefit more from bill management, while manufacturers may benefit more from frequency regulation. Here are some of the many Aries Grid revenue streams:

  • Energy arbitrage

  • Demand response — wholesale

  • Frequency regulation

  • Demand response — utility

  • Spinning/non-spinning reserves

  • Bill management

  • Resource adequacy

  • Local incentive payments

  • Distribution deferral

Aerial view rendering of the world’s largest solar and storage microgrid in Jackson County, West Virginia

Aries Grid is turning coal country green.

ONE is partnering with BHE Renewables, Precision Castparts, Corp. and the people of Jackson County, West Virginia to create the world’s largest solar and storage microgrid. This coal country community is embracing renewables to bring good manufacturing jobs back to their state.

  • BHE Renewables is building a global aerospace manufacturing hub and a solar farm with seven times the number of solar panels in West Virginia today.

  • ONE will store and deliver 100% renewable energy 24/7 with Aries Grid.

  • Precision Castparts Corp. and their new TIMET facility will produce titanium and good jobs for West Virginians.

The partnership will save West Virginians from two million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — the equivalent of taking half a million vehicles off the road for an entire year.

Street-level exterior view of a row of Aries Grid containers

Aries Grid — going live this year.

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