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Aries™ LFP

Scalable LFP power.

Aries 79 kWh

Aries LFP 79 kWh

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemisty

Aries 62 kWh

Aries LFP 62 kWh

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemisty

  • Voltage
  • Peak Power
  • Cycle Life
  • Volume
  • Volume Cell-to-Pack
  • VED
  • Mass
  • Dimensions
  • 348 V
  • 120 kW
  • 5,000 Cycles
  • 285 L
  • 76%
  • 287 Wh/L
  • 550 kg
  • 1,730 x 766 x 229 mm
  • 270 V
  • 93 kW
  • 5,000 Cycles
  • 227 L
  • 74%
  • 273 Wh/L
  • 437 kg
  • 1,399 x 766 x 229 mm
Close up of Aries LFP

Perfect for class 3-6 trucks.

Aries LFP uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and innovative design, to deliver industry leading range, 5,000 cycles and allow daily charging up to 100% without degradation. And Aries LFP is built with abundant raw materials, without nickel and cobalt, so global supply issues are unlikely to slow production. Aries LFP offer compact power that is safe, durable, and scalable.

Safer chemistry. Extreme safety testing.

Our safer LFP chemistry massively reduces the risk of thermal runaway. We also perform industry standard SAE, ISO and UN validation testing. Then we go further. We test the full pack, the subsystems and every single component against our own standards to push the battery to its limits.

Introducing Aries LFP

Aries LFP validation film

Safety validation testing.

  • SAE J1798 Electrical Performance

  • SAE J2380 Structural Performance Testing

  • ISO 16750 and IEC 60068 Environmental Performance Testing

  • SAE J2464 Abuse Testing 

  • IEC 60529 Intrusion Testing 

  • SAE J2721 Corrosion Resistance Testing

  • SAE J2288 Lifetime Durability Testing

  • Certification for shipping per UN 38.3 

  • EMC conformance to FMC1278

In production.

Aries LFP is produced in Michigan for ONE by Piston Automotive on a dedicated product line.

Piston line
Piston line
Piston line close-up

Let’s talk about your system needs.

Our 62 kWh and 79 kWh packs can be combined in many ways and configured to deliver the performance your system needs. Aries LFP provides 62 kWh to 316 kWh and beyond, and it delivers nominal voltage ranging from 270 volts to 696 volts.
With Aries LFP, you can configure packs in series and parallel. You can even connect 62 kWh and 79 kWh packs to each other. Aries LFP is crossbar-friendly and mounts easily in your chassis. So Aries LFP is ready for your truck, bus, boat, energy storage system or any application requiring durable, safe energy. In fact, our Aries Grid energy storage system uses a combination of Aries LFP 79 kWh packs.

  • Simply scalable.

    Video of Aries I battery pack in a bus, trailer, van and delivery truck

Now available for your stationary storage application.

Aries LFP modules and cells can be customized to deliver the durability and cost-efficiency stationary storage applications require. The GE Vernova FLEXRESERVOIR energy storage system will be built with customized ONE cells and modules.

More miles, less space.

Our LFP chemistry makes it possible to have larger cells while taking advantage of structural housings for load transfer. With more range and greater efficiency, Aries LFP unlocks thousands of new routes for emission-free fleets.





Video of inside view of Aries I battery pack

Sustainable supply.

Nickel and cobalt are expensive, and prices can fluctuate wildly. Aries LFP uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry, so it’s safer, lower in cost and made from more abundant materials like iron.



Cell–to–pack energy density.

Structural Cell-to-Pack™ architecture allows 76% system-level energy density in a compact format.

ONE battery case closeup

Aries LFP is road-tested.

In partnership with Motiv, our Aries LFP pack powered a class 5 truck with a 3-ton payload 150 miles on a single charge.

Aries LFP Pack Assembly

Aries LFP on the assembly line - battery factory for ONE
Aries I battery pack close up