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Gemini Hero


Rewriting the rules of range


Gemini Dual-Chemistry delivers 600+ miles of range on a single charge.

Gemini Dual-Chemistry

Gemini Dual-Chemistry

Gemini pairs two unique chemistries together, each doing the job they do best. Anode-free cells for high energy density. LFP for power and durability.

Anode-Free Spider Graph

Anode-Free Cell

Energy dense anode-free cells deliver 1007 Wh/L, packing the energy needed for long distance driving. The anode-free cells store 450 miles of range, acting as an energy reserve that recharges the LFP cells when needed.

LFP Spider Graph

Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell

Durable LFP cells pack 441 Wh/L and are designed to meet the demands of daily driving. The LFP cells deliver power to the vehicle motor, acting as the primary traction battery while storing 150 miles range.

Patented skip cell architecture enhances pack safety while delivering 600 miles range to the vehicle. Our DC-DC Converter enables the two chemistries to work together to deliver durability and energy density without compromise.


Pack-level efficiency



Sustainably sourced

Gemini reduces graphite and nickel by 75% and fully eliminates cobalt for a more secure supply chain.



Phosphate material


Iron material


Manganese material


Gemini battery assembly
Inspection on Gemini 001 Tesla
Data screen from Gemini range run
BMW ONE Gemini

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