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ONE Circle Factory

ONE Circle

All growth begins with a circle.

ONE Circle Render

The Gigafactory Re-invented

ONE Circle manufactures energy storage technology, increases renewable energy retention, decreases emissions and helps to stabilize the grid.

Welcome to ONE Circle - a new model for battery factories.

ONE Circle Collage

ONE Circle Core Components

Material Processing

ONE will process battery materials in-house and have more control over our supply chain, prioritizing North American materials and utilizing technologies that will actively seek to minimize environmental impact.

Cell Manufacturing

ONE will be one of the few wholly U.S.-owned manufacturers of both LFP and anode-free cells, which will directly address exponentially growing market demand.


This approach to production line integrated utility-scale energy storage and energy optimization will provide utilities with a cost-effective, flexible, and high-capacity renewable energy storage solution, while onboarding renewable energy to power ONE Circle and the surrounding community.

Pack Manufacturing

We will manufacture battery packs with key partners for both commercial and consumer applications that outperform the market in volumetric energy density and provide industry-leading range.

Recycling & Second Life

We will integrate materials from recycled sources back into our products. We will also prioritize the second-life capabilities of our products. These techniques minimize environmental impact and complete ONE Circle’s model of circularity.

Michigan drone shot
Michigan at night
Overhead trees


ONE Circle dovetails with utility service providers, connecting our factory to the Michigan power grid and turning our factory into a giant battery to support the community.