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This is Aries Grid

Aries Grid, made in Michigan with Aries LFP, supports renewable energy storage for microgrids. In West Virginia, 120 Aries Grid containers help power an aerospace hub, demonstrating its role in grid stability and local growth.

Aries Grid

This Is Aries Grid Poster Frame

The Aries Grid Energy Storage System, made in Michigan, integrates the Aries LFP battery pack, tailored for high efficiency and robustness. Designed to meet the needs of industrial, utility, and community microgrids, this system facilitates the storage of renewable energy and plays a crucial role in grid stability. A notable application of this technology is in Jackson County, West Virginia, where 120 Aries Grid containers are deployed to energize an aerospace manufacturing hub through a solar-powered microgrid, illustrating its effectiveness in enhancing local economic development while supporting sustainable energy solutions.

ONE Circle Produces First LFP Cell

ONE Circle is our next generation battery factory located in Van Buren, Michigan. See how a cell is made from start to finish on our prototype line.

Aries LFP on the assembly line - battery factory for ONE
Building Aries LFP

Aries LFP is produced at Piston Automotive on a dedicated battery pack assembly line in Van Buren Township. Learn more about the process and see how it all comes together.

Aries LFP validation film
Aries LFP Validation

Our safer LFP chemistry massively reduces the risk of thermal runaway. We also perform industry standard SAE, ISO and UN validation testing. Then we go further. We test the full pack, the subsystems and every single component against our own standards to push the battery to its limits.

What if

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