Introducing Gemini™

Dual Chemistry Battery

Gemini™ Features

The second of these technologies, called Gemini™, uses ONE’s proprietary energy management system and chemistry in a dual battery range extender architecture. This approach yields 450 Wh/L at a system level, further improving range and cost beyond the Aries™ platform. To quantify the capabilities of the Gemini™ architecture, ONE calculates that this battery system will allow electric vehicles to travel more than 750 miles on a single charge.

Gemini™ Features

gem extended range

Gemini combines proven low cost durable lithium ion with emerging high energy density lithium ion chemistry. This approach uses an optimized battery chemistry to service daily driving needs (travel under 150 miles per charge), while using another optimized battery chemistry to service long distance travel (travel up to 750 miles per charge)

Mujeeb Ijaz

Founder and CEO

Mujeeb Ijaz, founder and chief executive officer of ONE, is a battery systems engineer with over 30 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles and battery systems technologies. His career work has focused on furthering the adoption of electric vehicles through advancements in battery safety, range, and cost.

Mujeeb led teams at Ford Motor Co., where he developed Ford’s Edge with HySeries Drive, the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 that set a land speed record at Bonneville in 2007, and the Chrysler ENVI project. He was president of A123’s Venture Technologies unit, where he and his team led the development of Li-Ion battery solutions for electric vehicles, and more recently, a senior director at Apple, where he developed novel energy storage solutions. Mujeeb holds 31 U.S. patents in the field of battery technology and energy management systems. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech.