Popular Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement – Part 2

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In part one of this series we examined how marketing campaigns and the customer information you already have can help you better engage with your customers. In this part we explore other strategies you can use to boost customer engagement. Great customer engagement strategies help bring customer retention which in turn leads to an increase in customer lifetime value (CLV).

Stay connected with your customers

Customers have an expectation for the businesses they deal with to keep up with them through social media and email.  Therefore, you can establish a constant connection with your customers around the clock through these means. You can do this by providing customers with daily updates to their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other feeds they subscribe to and check on every day. Social media connects your business with your customers globally for free. Above all, messages and posts can be responded to quickly on any mobile device with an Internet connection.

Forecast what your customers want

People don’t always know what they want until they see it for themselves. By staying connected with your customers, sending feedback surveys, and following up with them on what they like or don’t like. You can do this by taking control over customer data and leveraging it in predictive analysis for development of future products. You can also use this feedback for developing new lines of products you plan to roll out within the next year or two.

Listen and respond to feedback

Customer feedback is important that’s why so many companies ask their customers for it. This means reviewing feedback from your customers who already have thoughts about your products and services as well as thoughts about competitors.  Don’t be afraid to compare your brand to a competitor’s brand.  Join in on customer conversations on social media explaining your current and future products. This will help establish trusted relationships through open forums over time which will essentially form positive customer experiences and expectations of your customers.

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Develop a mutual respect based upon needs

Customer engagement should seem more like a well-established trust-based relationship based on needs and respect between you and your customers. The feedback you receive is just as important to both you and your customer. Making changes and improvements based on customer feedback is mutually beneficial. Your customers will get what they need from your products and you’ll generate future business and CLV from those customers. You will also see an increase in repeat business as customers learn that you are willing to do your best to meet their needs.

Personalize your marketing campaigns

Although it may be impossible to send personalized one on one emails with every customer daily you can still send personalized messages. These messages will encourage engagement in conversations your customers have with you. After sending personalized messages to your customers it becomes easy with those who respond because you’ll know which customers actually read your messages and which ones want to take the time to respond.

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