Popular Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement – Part 1

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One of the main foundations to operating a successful business is to engage with your customers. This is a multiple part series that goes in depth into a list of strategies you can use to help better engage with your customers. A good customer engagement strategy leads to customer retention which leads to increased customer lifetime value (CLV). If you have the resources to become more customer-centric that is a great way to enhance customer engagement. However, not all businesses can afford to do this which is why this series will help you.

Marketing campaigns

You may already know this but one of the best strategies for customer engagement is to deploy an email marketing campaign. You most likely already send emails to customers however, doing it successfully is key. Your customers don’t want to be bombarded with daily emails that overwhelm them and they begin to ignore and delete your emails before they even read them. You can set up automatic email campaigns that send an email once every other week, once a month, or once a quarter just to remind your customers of your products, services, news, etc.

Marketing emails can provide useful feedback, alert customers of upcoming sales, promotions, and events, and promote healthy customer engagement. Imagine yourself as a customer. What kind of emails would you like to see from companies you do business with? Would you read all emails sent to you by those companies or quickly skim through them? Answers to these questions can help you design and develop campaigns that prove to be worthwhile to both you and your customers. Make sure the emails you send give some kind of value to your customers. Emails should provide insight, guidance, and other helpful information they can use and should not just focus on benefiting your company and increasing profits margins. Remember, emails are practically free to send so proper thought should be put into them.

Use the information you already have

If you have a CRM database filled with information you can sort and sift through it to learn as much about your customers as you can without bothering them for more information. Combine what you know and use that to send targeted emails with a call to action. Surveys are a good way to drive engagement and provide more customer information to help you tailor your campaigns.

Some email marketing software limits use of customer data which is why you may have to be creative in your methods of how to use customer information. For example, if you can only obtain information that a customer enjoys one product or service that can be useful in generating emails to them with feedback and survey information that can be uploaded to a different database or another area within your software that can be used to generate personalized campaigns later. If you can obtain geographical information, mobile device type, weather, and other information local to your customer this can also be useful depending on the products and services you offer.

Adopt a chatbot

Recent research shows that your customers and potential customers prefer texting over calling or getting emails. Nowadays there are many channels where you can interact with your customers: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp and of course on-site webchat. For a small business it is not realistic to support even a fraction of these channels. This is where ONE.AI is your best friend. By adopting ONE.AI you can leverage power of artificial intelligence to provide your customers with a 24/7 online chat system that works across all major channels. ONE.AI chatbots can help you boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. The best of all, ONE.AI is affordable even to the smallest businesses. Our plans start from $15 per month.

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