Introducing Conversational AI

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Conversation is a fundamental form of communication between two or more people. Having good conversational skills is an important part of socialization especially in business. In the age of computers and the Internet large part of communication happens in the written form. Billions of text messages, chat messages and emails are sent and read every day.

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), conversational applications have taken off – Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Cortana, Alexa – these are some of the most famous examples of conversational AI applications.

Current State

Communicating with a machine in a form that is the closest to us, humans, is a fascinating thing. Human brain does an amazing job when it comes to language processing. It seems that our brains were created for that. However, what is easy for humans is very difficult or nearly impossible for machines. While conversational applications may seem simple on the surface, creating a truly universal conversational system is almost an impossible mission. Current state of technology does not allow this. Nevertheless, there is good progress and specialized systems do quite a good job already.

These specialized systems use simple vocabularies and are limited to certain domains or fields. As soon as we try to expand the vocabulary of the system, complexity increases at an astonishing rate. This happens because the number of different ways that we, humans, may state even a simple phrase or pose a simple question can quickly expand into many thousands of variations. As already mentioned, human brain does an amazing job to handle this task. However, for AI the same task is next to impossible.


Though nothing can stop technological progress. We realize the limits. But even with the current constraints it is possible to create amazing conversational AI systems and ONE.AI is one of such systems. We welcome you to explore our website to get more information about ONE.AI Conversational Artificial Intelligence technology.

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